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Delivering Temperature Sensitive Items Across the Globe

At Sumisho Global Logistics, we have the capability and know how to handle your most sensitive temperature controlled containers. Our services are supported by a highly trained staff using the latest and most sophisticated technology to monitor the cold chain 24/7. We provide a variety of options to fulfill your unique shipping needs, ensuring a quality arrival for all of your shipments.

Monitor Climate Conditions During Transit With Our Refrigerated Containers

Our temperature-controlled containers are specially designed to keep your goods safe and secure throughout every step of the supply chain. They’re equipped with sensors, tracking devices, and cooling capabilities that allow us to monitor climate conditions and temperature ranges during transit. This ensures that the integrity of your product remains intact from origin to destination.

Refrigerated containers are one of SGL's specialties.
SGL's refrigerated warehousing solutions keep products cold.

Keep Your Merchandise Safe & Cold In Our Ambient & Temperature Controlled Warehouses

We also offer ambient and temperature controlled warehousing solutions, giving you a secure space for cold storage. Our facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art climate control systems that help maintain the ideal environment for your products. Our refrigerated warehousing provides safe, secure storage and can accommodate a wide range of temperature requirements. We strive to ensure that your merchandise arrives in the same condition it left in so you can trust us with all your cold chain needs.

Highly Trained Staff

Our team of highly trained staff are dedicated to providing the highest quality services for all of your shipping needs. Our staff will monitor your containers via land, at port, and on arrival, to ensure that quality control is met and shelf life is properly maintained. Whether it’s perishable seafood, pharmaceuticals or other goods requiring temperature control, we have the expertise and resources to ensure that your goods arrive in perfect condition.

Sophisticated Cold Chain Technologies

Our advanced technology gives us the capability to monitor the cold chain 24/7. We use the latest equipment and software to ensure that your shipping needs are met with the highest standards. Our sophisticated technology also helps us provide a variety of options to fulfill your unique shipping needs. Whether you require a custom solution or just need assistance with tracking and monitoring, we can provide reliable options that meet your needs.


A large empty industrial, 20 feet long refrigerated container. Such containers allow consumers to enjoy fresh produce at any time of year and consume fresh produce from other parts of the world

The Experts In Cold Chain Logistics


If you need cold storage and cold chain solutions for your highly perishable items, we have the answer. With our cold chain logistics services you can trust that we are keeping your items at the optimal temperature throughout their journey, ensuring the highest standards are met.

SGL's reliable cold chain shipping team will get your cargo where you need it to go.

Our expertise in the temperature controlled supply chain includes:

Foodstuffs – Meats, Fruit, Vegetables and Other Highly Perishable Items

Cold storage solutions have become essential for safeguarding foodstuffs. Our cold chain solutions are designed to ensure that meats, fruits, vegetables and other perishable items remain in prime condition no matter the environment or the distance traveled. We understand that maintaining the cold chain from production to consumption is key to preserving food safety and shelf life. Our cold storage containers are designed with up-to-date technologies and features to keep your products at their optimal temperature until they reach their final destination. Trust us to ensure that your foodstuffs stay safe and fresh longer.


Regardless of the type of pharmaceutical products, cold chain logistics are an essential component of delivering them successfully. These products require special handling as they need to remain at certain temperatures from the time they are manufactured to when they reach their destination. In order to maintain product safety and quality, our cold chain logistics professionals strictly adhere to established protocols for temperature control for the entire supply chain. We coordinate the shipment process so these specialty drugs can be stored in optimal condition and transported quickly.


We fully understand that temperature, environmental conditions, and vibration can affect the performance of electronics, which is why handling them with precision requires specialized transportation. When you put your trust in us, you can rest assured that your electronics or other temperature sensitive products will be transported with great care and diligence so as to ensure the best results. With our comprehensive services in temperature-sensitive electronics transport and warehousing, you can feel confident your shipment is in good hands.


The management of chemicals is a delicate process, which is why SGL USA offers comprehensive and reliable refrigerated logistics services. By entrusting cold chain transport to SGL USA, you can rest assured that your important chemical shipments are being transported and stored with the utmost care and precision. Our refrigerated logistics team is highly experienced in cold chain transportation management, and utilize the latest technology to ensure safe handling across all links of the cold chain supply network. With SGL USA’s cold chain services, your products will reach their destination safely and on time.

Protect and Transport With Confidence – Rely On SGL!

Sumisho Global Logistics specializes in keeping the atmosphere perfect for your perishable goods. We provide a variety of options, from modified atmospheres and special dehumidification containers to extreme low temperature air freight containers. With our experienced team handling each step of the process with precision and care, you can rest assured knowing that your products will make it safely to their destination. Request a free quote today and get an estimate in 24 hours or less!


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