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The toys, board games, and miniatures industries have experienced exponential growth in recent years due to changing consumer preferences and the rise of niche markets. Meeting the demands of these expanding industries requires a comprehensive logistics strategy that can seamlessly transport goods across the globe, store them safely and efficiently, and deliver them to customers in a timely manner. This is where SGL’s experience and knowledge come into play. With over 40 years of experience in the logistics industry, SGL has the expertise to handle even the most complex supply chain challenges.

Tackling the Challenges of Shipping Toys, Board Games, and Miniatures Worldwide

Whether you’re making toys, board games, or miniatures, you may face significant challenges when transporting your products from the point of manufacture to warehouse locations and retailers around the globe. Fulfillment is a considerable challenge for these industries, as companies must ensure that the right products are shipped to the right retailers and customers quickly and efficiently. This is particularly challenging when dealing with products that require specialized packaging and handling.

Another significant challenge is securing space on containers for transportation. With the explosive growth of these industries, container space can be difficult to come by, resulting in delays and added costs. Additionally, the safe and secure storage of goods during transportation is critical to ensure that products arrive at their destination in the expected condition and quality.

SGL is well-positioned to address these challenges with our experience and expertise in logistics. Our team has a deep understanding of the unique challenges these industries face and can provide customized solutions to meet their needs. We can leverage our relationships with shipping and logistics providers to secure container space and ensure timely delivery of products. Our advanced storage facilities provide safe and secure storage of goods during transportation, minimizing the risk of damage or loss.

With SGL’s comprehensive logistics strategy, your company can focus on producing high-quality products and bringing fun to your customers. Leave the logistics to us!

Specialized Knowledge for Every Area of the Toy Market


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Tabletop Games

The tabletop games industry is unique in that it requires a wide range of specialized and fragile products to be transported safely and reliably. With thousands of components involved in each game and individual pieces that can easily be lost or damaged, logistics companies must be equipped to handle these specific needs.

Sumisho Global Logistics has recognized the need for tailored logistics services for the tabletop games industry and has developed specialized solutions to meet their unique supply chain requirements. We understand the different packing and labeling requirements for board games, card games, and miniature games, and offer climate-controlled storage facilities and strict quality control measures to ensure the safe transportation of board game components.

By partnering with Sumisho Global Logistics, tabletop game manufacturers can trust that their products will be handled with the utmost care, ensuring our reputation for quality and providing a seamless supply chain solution designed for the global board game market.


The toy industry operates under strict product safety regulations to ensure the safety of children. Therefore, logistics and supply chain services for this industry need to prioritize safe and careful handling of the products during transportation and inventory management. Additionally, the toy industry heavily relies on seasonal demand, with peak sales occurring during the holiday season. As such, it is crucial for the logistics services provider to have the ability to rapidly scale up or down the warehousing and transportation capacities to meet the fluctuating demands.

Sumisho Global Logistics, being one of the leading logistics providers, can tailor its services to meet the unique supply chain needs of the toy industry. With our extensive network of warehouses and transportation services, Sumisho Global Logistics can offer flexible and customized logistics solutions, including inventory management, order fulfillment, pick and pack, and distribution throughout the year. Our advanced technological capabilities and experienced professionals enable Sumisho Global Logistics to provide safe, reliable, and cost-efficient logistics services to our clients in the toy industry. Ultimately, Sumisho Global Logistics’ tailored logistics services enable toy manufacturers and retailers to optimize their supply chains, improve efficiency, reduce costs, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.


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A freight truck with a container drives down the highway.


The miniatures industry is a niche market with unique supply chain needs. The products are small, fragile, and require careful handling throughout the entire logistics process. Additionally, as many miniature hobbyists are collectors, there is a high expectation for product quality and timely delivery.

Sumisho Global Logistics understands the importance of precision in the miniatures industry and can provide logistics services tailored to those needs. With over 40 years of experience in international logistics, Sumisho Global Logistics has built a reputation for excellence in supply chain management. We have a dedicated team of logistics experts who specialize in handling delicate and valuable products, and have experience working with miniature manufacturers and retailers.

Sumisho Global Logistics has a range of logistics solutions to suit the needs of the miniatures industry. We have specialized packaging and handling capabilities that ensure the products remain in pristine condition throughout the shipping process. Additionally, We have a global network of warehouses and distribution centers, allowing for efficient and cost-effective transportation on a global scale.

In addition to traditional logistics services, Sumisho Global Logistics can offer value-added services to support the specific needs of miniature manufacturers and retailers. For example, we can provide quality control checks to ensure the products meet the high standards of the industry.

Why Choose SGL for Your Toy and Game Industry Logistics Needs?


SGL has had extensive experience in handling and providing logistics solutions for niche industries like the miniatures, board games, and toy industries. We have tailored our services to cater to the unique needs of these industries, ensuring a smooth, efficient, and cost-effective supply chain.

Established Network:

Over 40 years of experience, SGL has established a strong network of partners, carriers, and contacts in the industry. This enables us to offer competitive and reliable services such as warehousing, trucking, NVOCC service, and air cargo transport, ensuring timely delivery of goods to any part of the world.

Cost-Effective Solutions:

SGL is committed to providing cost-effective and practical logistics solutions for our customers. By leveraging our expertise and knowledge of the industry, we can design innovative and efficient supply chain solutions that meet our customer’s specific requirements.

Customer Support:

SGL is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and support. We have a team of experienced professionals who are available to answer any questions, provide guidance, and address any concerns 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This ensures that customers feel confident and satisfied with the services provided.

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Sumisho Global Logistics has the experience, network, and cost-effective solutions to provide tailored logistics services for board games, toys, and miniatures. Our team of professionals are available 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns you may have about our services. We understand how important it is that your products remain in pristine condition during transport and strive to deliver top quality service every time. If you’re looking for a reliable partner to help with your supply chain needs, look no further than Sumisho Global Logistics! Contact us today and let’s get started on optimizing your supply chain management process.