Your Logistics Department


Sumisho Global Logistics has performed as the logistics department for Sumitomo Corporation of Americas since our inception over thirty years ago.  We know the intricacies of sales and purchases for an international conglomerate.  Our familiarity with terms of sale, letters of credit, and international shipping documents have benefited our clients well.

Crew jargon, trucker slang, port lingo and a warehouseman’s dialect are in our vernacular.   Our multi-cultural staff is ready to serve the needs of any customer.  Our U.S. based employees are fluent in the following languages:

Japanese                                                          Spanish

Cantonese & Mandarin                                 Polish

Vietnamese                                                       Russian

American Sign Language


Supply Chain Management, Global Procurement, and JIT Delivery

By integrating both logistics by Sumisho Global Logistics, and Sumitomo’s trading capabilities, we provide total SCM solutions for customers.  These include not only logistics, but also procurement, order/inventory management, payment, and Just-In-Time delivery.  We have found that many clients value the “One Stop Shop” choice, which Sumisho Global Logistics has the diversity to offer.

U.S. Customs Consultation

As the traffic department for an international trading firm, we have the opportunity to witness first-hand how laws and regulations can influence commerce.  In this era of heightened security and trade compliance, it is essential for companies to be aware of benefits and obstacles which can affect your business prosperity for years to come.

Sumisho Global Logistics’ on-staff Customs experts have decades of hands-on experience in dealing with the myriad procedures and rules by which companies must abide.  As well, we are knowledgeable about provisions that may save you money. Let us collaborate with you to address your Customs concerns.

See how Sumisho Global Logistics applies our knowledge of international traffic to your business.