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Forwarders unhappy with SOLAS changes.

Some of the World’s largest freight forwarders are complaining that the new container weight verification rule is not necessary, and will definitely complicate and increase cost to the entire worldwide supply chain.

Currently Shippers, Freight Forwarders and Consolidators are casting doubt about their role within the process and their ability to adopt the new rule that will take effect on July 1, 2016. They are claiming that they are not ready and for sure this new rule will disrupt the supply chain.

Shippers think that if this container-mass verification rule will complicate the supply chain, then it should not be implemented; they are waiting to see whether this rule will be applied or not. In addition, they don’t see any added value in weighing containers and think it is an unnecessary development.

Adding more procedures/regulations will surely make the supply chain more complex and costly. This will increase the cost tremendously for shippers and even customers.

A Senior US regulator and even the US Coast Guard said last week that the SOLAS compliance guidelines were not mandatory under any US regulation and don’t need to be adhered to in the US.

This lead to fear from shippers and Liner representatives that the IMO may decide to develop a different rule of implementation and that some signatories, including the US could move the responsibility of verification onto lines instead of shippers.

Importers and exporters had already raised concerns that the new rule would force a lot of burden on shippers, which would definitely lead to supply chain disruptions worldwide. Currently, container weight is estimated, and shippers don’t have to sign any weight requirements. Under the new SOLAS requirements, shippers will be responsible for the VGM of a container, and this information needs to be communicated in advance along with the documents.

SGL will continue to update you on the SOLAS situation. SGL is preparing our Customers to have all shipment weights verified for July 1, 2016.